Mark Mak

Stretch and Flex


Mark Mak coaches Dynamic Posture and Balance, a free-form approach to improving whole-body movement, balance, coordination, functional agility and dynamic posture.

“As we age, we tend to lose range of movement simply because we stop extending ourselves. These classes encourage us to rediscover postural and movement patterns that we were all once capable of as children.”

Classes incorporate elements of Pilates, yoga, Systema, Buteyko and calisthenics. It has no particular rules, style or “school”, no system of proprietary techniques. Rather, it acknowledges that everybody – and every body – is different. It’s about exploring our own physical potential, rebuilding our former capabilities, and finding new ones.

Mark has been active in sports since his youth – hiking, hunting, running, weight training and martial arts. He has a lifelong interest in physiology and biomechanics, and was an adjunct professor at Adams State University’s Human Performance and Physical Education department, teaching health and exercise classes. He also taught interpersonal relations courses at Colorado Mountain College. Mark is also a ski instructor.