Mark Mak

Stretch and Flex


Mark Mak specialises in training 50s+ people who want to get back on form. “In my late 60s, I’ve experienced my body changing over the years and have adapted my training practices to better suit. I can’t pack on the showy muscles like I used to, but I can increase my strength and muscular stamina, and definitely improve my core stability, which is so important for maintaining agility, posture and balance. That means I can continue coaching self-defense classes for people half my age.”

Mark also leads Stretch and Flex classes, a free-form approach to re-establishing the full range of movement that we once had. And he’s also a personal trainer.

Mark’s been active in sports since his youth – hiking, hunting, running, weight training and martial arts. He’s had a lifelong interest in physiology and biomechanics, and was an adjunct professor at Adams State University’s Human Performance and Physical Education department, teaching health and exercise classes, as well as teaching at Colorado Mountain College. He’s also a PSIA-certified (Professional Ski Instructors of America) ski instructor, and currently coaches self-defense classes.